Kāla – Shavasana (Cassette)


Kāla exists as a portal of devotional service for Aghoric wisdom, the essence of bloated bodies floating throughout the Ganga awaiting shavasana. The frightening blow of the conch from the abode of Naraka. It is the Kapala run dry of nectar which has entered thirst, the will of Asuric deities.

“O LORD, who rests beyond the stars, yet is the stars themselves. Upon your lotus feet, which are the color of jasper and reflect all of the darkness in ourselves, we adorn this hymn called Shavasana, a kirtan of reverse birth, knitted with the very fibers of our spirits. As it is, Shavasana: A Tale Of Everlasting Dissolution.”

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Kāla’s “Shavasana” demonstration is:

1. Crossing The Virajā (Side A)

2. Like Fires Of Virabhadra (Side A)

3.Death By Kadga (Side B)

4.Shavasana (Side B)


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