Deathkult Sutra


This work in an entirety expresses the first hand experience through the creators, which took place during a pilgrimage towards the burning cremation grounds residing in India. To fulfill a calling which came as a vision through the gnashing jaws of redemption.
Ho Anthropos Tes Anomias

– Mystagos –

Written in the archaic, elder century biblical tongue, the creature entitled the “Wordbearer” is followed in detailed steps, as he attempts to elevate his disciple’s spirits unto descent. “Ho Anthropos Tes Anomias” is a ficticious tale of metaphysical divination, yet bearing philosophical truth.
Archaic Discipline

– Jubal –

Far under traditions touched by the thought of man, Jubal delivers praises for an entity divine in rebellious nature. For it was Cain, among the first to set rules of empowerment upon the land he shed his own blood upon. A glimpse from the powers of formless chaos. This is Jubal‘s “Archaic Discipline” demonstration.

– Kāla – (demo)

Kāla exists as a portal of devotional service for Aghoric wisdom, the essence of bloated bodies floating throughout the Ganga awaiting shavasana. The frightening blow of the conch from the abode of Naraka. It is the Kapala run dry of nectar which has entered thirst, the will of Asuric deities.